The law on “EuroBLECH” is simple: what was slipped into the drivers

Закон о "евробляхах" по-простому: что подсунули водителям

Drivers finally heard – the Verkhovna Rada has failed to support the law on “EuroBLECH”. But this was preceded by numerous protests in the government quarter of the capital, where activists demanded to make changes to the document, which is actually very few people arranged. What was the result and this whether the best offer was made by the deputies?

In General, the amount of clearance vehicle has three components: excise tax, import duty and value added tax (VAT).

Import duty on cars from the EU as of 2018 is 7.3%, next year should be even lower. VAT is 20% of the total value of the car, excise duty and customs duty.

Most care drivers the excise tax: it is not so good as we would like, the rate will depend on engine size, for example, for a new BMW with engine capacity of 2.5 liter rate of excise duty is 255 euros for a five-year car already 2735 euros, and even older – 3595 euros.

The new draft law the Committee on taxation and customs policy proposed to adopt a different formula for calculating the excise tax. It should not be attached to every centimeter of volume of the engine:

Rate = Rate (base) * (engine) * (age)

The base rate is 50 euros for the petrol engine, 3 l and 75 euros for diesel. Ratio of the engine is calculated by dividing the engine displacement in cubic centimeters by 1000. The coefficient of age is equal to the number of full years car of the year following the year of production, but cannot be more than 15.

“For vehicles with a small displacement petrol engine created enough good conditions. For example, Volkswagen Golf 4 2003 with a petrol engine 1.4 liters Average price in Europe 1500-1700 euros, will be approximately 2.5-2.8 thousand Euro. This is a car that is 15 years old. And we in Ukraine such as old cars worth $ 6 thousand (5 thousand euros),” zaznaczyl lawyer Sergey Kosarenko.

Unpleasant “surprise” was prepared and those who for the sake of economy on diesel drives: with a big engine car will be quite disadvantageous. If you bought a car in an average of 2-3 thousand euros to Ob engine capacity of 2 liters, then VAT and duty is 30%.

The base rate for diesel is 75 euros multiplied by 2 (the ratio of the engine) is 150 euros. And if the car is 2000, then the multiplier 15 (coefficient of age). The excise tax turns out 2250 Euro.