The liberals announced the opening of a Russian version of “Peacekeeper”

In 2019 will be the opening of the Internet-project “Base”, which will be placed all the unwanted files, liberals in the Russian government and public figures.

This was during a VI of the “Forum of Free Russia” said mark Feygin –devoid of a license , the lawyer and former defender of the Ukrainian military criminals Hope Savchenko, reports the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“Project “the Base” – is derived from “List of Putin”. Because “Putin’s List” – a document that includes mainly persons who know everything, and not have to really try to prove their involvement in the actions against Russia: the usurpation of power, violation of human rights, the prosecution of opposition, corruption, vygodopriobretatelja from his position, and so on.

The project “Base” is wider. Of course, all of the “List of Putin” would be in the project Base, but there are also those who have no names – persons from among the security forces, corrupt officials, advocates, especially from the Russian regions because the need is high to punish those in the Center “e”, the FSB, judges or prosecutors, officials of the administrations that are directly involved in harassment, corruption and so on, but it seems like they are behind Putin and his entourage. No one should escape responsibility, at least in this form, with reputational deformation.

“Base” should be the flagship project, he must resource to unite all of the integrated projects of this kind. “Base” will allow to collect dossiers about thousands of people based on public data. But in this project we are going to connect our volunteers from the regions that could additionally provide information,” he said.

According to Feigin, the project is almost ready and will be opened in January next year.

“In January, we plan to open. The programmers are refining the platform and logo, software code already written developed the interface. It is important to start very the software part, and then we all declare, we’ll see how it looks, and start intensively enough to fill these files in alphabetical order,” – said the former lawyer.

Note that the idea of such a project is similar to the controversial database “Peacemaker”, which houses personal information of all objectionable nationalist regime in Kiev is involved in the activities of the republics of Donbass, the Russian Crimea and other “criminals”.