The LIBERALS complained of the austerity of the post-election

Le PLQ se plaint de l’austérité post-électorale

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
Pierre Arcand invites the political class to increase the financing of political parties.

Deploring finance ” tight “, the interim leader of the liberal Party of Québec, Pierre Arcand, invites the political class to increase the financing of political parties. Democracy requires, according to him.

“Following the election, there has been a lot less income than we had. And that, I think, for democracy, it is something you need to look at “, he argued on Thursday.

In 2013, the elected have to pass, ” in a grand theatrical gesture “, the maximum contribution that can be paid by a voter to a political party of $ 1000 to $ 100 per year. “Everybody has said, it was in the under total in this moment- [that] was limited to $ 100. Well, we have all accepted that this is it, ” he recalled, not without regret, to the press. Income match of $ 2.50 for each dollar raised in contributions from voters had been provided for in the act, but no indexing mechanism. More than five years later, Mr. Arcand offers to other political parties to re-discuss a specific time “.

The leader of the parti québecois, Pascal Bérubé, refuses to do so. “I’m not there,” he said, recalling that the PQ raises ” the most money popular and small gifts “. “There has never been a party that had the forces of money, but there was strength in numbers. […] Is organized accordingly. “

The minister of Justice, Sonia LeBel, has also said that it did not support an increase in the maximum donation allowed per voter. “Shots of 100 piastres, influence a government, it becomes much more difficult,” noted the ex-chief prosecutor of the Charbonneau commission.

The voters have imposed, on the 1st of October last, the austerity, the QLP and the PQ. The public funding of political parties is in part proportional to the votes cast, each vote is worth its weight in gold — or, rather, $ 1.58 per year. The collapse of the liberal vote (-756 034 votes or -17 percentage points), and pq (-386 125 votes or -8 percentage points) translates into a decrease in public funding annual 1 535 000 $ LPQ and of $ 754,000 for the PQ. “I can’t rejoice in that,” said Mr. Arcand. “We must redefine not only on the political level, but also on the plan of the organization “, he added.

The PLQ and the PQ should both be sunk, in the course of the next four years, are important in the organization of a race to the chieftainship, and then the election campaign 2022. “We must do more and more animation,” noted the interim liberal leader.


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