The life of the great classics: the unknown facts about Turgenev



Two hundred years ago was born the writer Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev. In his works “mu-Mu”, “notes of a hunter”, “Fathers and sons” have grown for generations. These books are included in the mandatory part of the curriculum. But today, “MIR 24” has decided to tell about little-known facts from the life of Turgenev.

For example, in childhood, little James often beat his own mother Varvara Petrovna. She was a real tyrant in the family. And it became the prototype of the cruel lady in the story “Mumu,” which made Gerasim to drown the dog.

Despite a difficult childhood, Turgenev grew up a very gifted boy. At 14 years old he entered the Moscow University. At 18 he became a candidate of philosophical Sciences, and in 23 the master.

By the way, the scientists found that the brain Turgenev weighed two kilograms. This is a lot of 600 grams more than the average person. But the walls of the skull Ivan Sergeevich was very thin, and he could lose consciousness even from the slightest blow to the head.

Interesting fact – once Turgenev and Leo Tolstoy nearly met in a duel. The latter insulted the illegitimate daughter of Ivan Sergeyevich. In the end, the writers refused to shoot at each other, but hurt each other held and not communicated 17.

For their 64 years Turgenev never married. And life was in love with the French singer Pauline Viardot. But she was married, however, did not prevent them to meet. According to some sources, they even some time lived together. And Viardot also raised an illegitimate daughter, Turgenev.

Turgenev, without a doubt – a writer with a world name. The number of performances that are based on his works, it is simply impossible to calculate. But adaptations – more than a hundred. And not only in Russia. Movies Turgenev was shot in Europe, USA and even Japan.