The losing battle with Google: Published characteristics of the new smartphone, Yandex

Битва с Google проиграна: Опубликованы характеристики нового смартфона «Яндекс»

At the same time, the company information about the release of a new device called “rumors”. However, his appearance is not announced.

However, experts found some features of the new smartphone “Yandex”. Information that he may appear on the market were discovered by analysts in the summer.

However, the device registration occurred from the face of the Swiss company. From the attention of analysts did not miss the fact that she had previously recorded in the registry “Yandex.Station.”

This new device apparently received the name “Yandex.Phone.” Based on the information in the network, the smartphone is an OCTA-core processor and RAM 4 GB.

The display is expected to 5.65 inches. However, he will have a thin framework. A distinctive feature will be that the gadget is equipped with a special module for contactless payments.

Previously it is established that the place of manufacture is China, and the price will be within 15 – 20 thousand rubles.

Analysts believe that with this value the device will wait for a failure, as the smart-column “Yandex.Station”, which appeared in the sales this summer.

Experts do not see in the new device no competitive advantages. According to their disappointing forecast, the battle with Google is once again lost.