The lupus would be closely linked to an imbalance of the microbiome

Le lupus serait étroitement lié à un déséquilibre du microbiome

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The disease is more common in women than in men.

The systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) — an autoimmune disease which sees the immune system attack the joints, skin, and kidneys — seems to be linked to a major imbalance of the intestinal flora, believe of american scientists.

Such imbalances have previously been associated with autoimmune diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and arthritis, and even cancer, but the researchers of the Faculty of medicine NYU claim to be the first to draw a link with a potentially fatal form of the LED.

Sixty-one women with sle had in their intestinal flora to be five times more bacteria called Ruminococcus gnavus 17 healthy women. The disease is more common in women than in men.

In addition, an explosion of the presence of this bacterium in the intestine seemed to be associated very closely to outbreaks of the disease, episodes that can range from skin irritation to kidney problems so serious that dialysis will be necessary.

Participants whose kidneys were attacked also had, in their blood, more antibodies produced to attack R. gnavus. One of the authors of the study, dr. Gregg Silverman, believes that these antibodies are responsible for the immune attack “without end and without mercy,” which are victims of the organs.

This discovery could help detect the disease more quickly. But most importantly, it could open the way to new treatments, whether it is a simple probiotic, a food that inhibits the growth of R. gnavus or transplantation fecal.

One could also consider treatment to promote the growth of Bacteroides uniformis, a bacterium that interferes with the growth of R. gnavus and that was up to four times less present in the intestine of the participating patients, compared to the participants in health.

The conclusions of this study are published by the medical journal Annals of Rheumatic Diseases.


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