The Makron is broken, get a new one. 3 the main conclusion of the new protests at the arc de Triomphe

Этот Макрон сломался, несите нового. 3 главных вывода из новых протестов у Триумфальной арки

Today, the Paris “yellow jackets” came out again at a protest. They have shown that they intend to press the government and force it to comply with its demands.

However, now they are not limited to fuel costs and other relief to motorists. Requests of the protesters came to the resignation of the President of Emmanuel Macron.

However, if with the automotive theme, the authorities have already started to make concessions, VIP resignations is not yet clear. In a Monday address to the nation should be the President. What he says – look, but one thing is clear and without words: the Makron will never be the same “young hope of Europe”, covered by the veil of a “new era”.

Ukraine could look at the French events, as in a mirror five years ago, she followed a similar path. Therefore, for the fate of France – and indeed the whole of the United Europe – is particularly disturbing.

“Country” makes the main insights of the new shares once the French revolution.

Conclusion 1. Was macron became Yanukovych

Emmanuel macron became President of France in April 2017, on the wave of popularity not only domestically, but also abroad. His youth was bribed – I believe in a “gerontocratic” Europe has finally started to come to the power politics of the modern wing. And it inspired hopes for renewal, especially among young people.

Today the same young people, which is the core of the protests demanding the resignation of Macron. In their eyes he was “President of the rich”. And reality seems to confirm this opinion: big business during the work of Macron began to pay less tax. But ordinary French people have to pay more and more. Higher prices for gasoline and diesel, is not caused by rising oil prices and the government’s decision, was the last straw in this process.

In the end, the rating of Makron literally disappeared. It is up to the events with the “yellow jackets” dropped from the original 60% to 29% and now stands at 18%. Faster fell, perhaps, only Peter Poroshenko.

Of course, the French leader stayed for about another half cadence – and, if desired, he can fix it. But protesters do not believe and say that the macron – another “odorology” the President, as was his predecessor Francois Hollande.

Have history with Him and closer to Ukraine analogy. Similarly, a large credit of trust had and Viktor Yanukovych became President in 2010. Special hopes were pinned on it East constituency, hoping that Yanukovych will end the confrontation with Russia and will launch economic development. However, the policy of “ours and yours” embittered both opponents and supporters of the former President. In the end, during the Maidan he, almost no one has had the wholehearted support – and the country is not formed force, alternative to independence.

A similar situation is now the Macron, which alienated almost the entire population of France. According to the observations of the correspondent of “Country,” the backbone of the protests are white French, and migrants were not more than the fifth part.

On the other hand, France not Ukraine. Which begs a different conclusion.

Conclusion 2. Independence, but not the same

The Ukrainian events of 2014, it does not say, can not be rubber stamp for France.

Important differences from the Ukrainian Maidan two. First – there is no “foreign friends”. Politicians from other countries that are clearly in opposition to the current government support the protesters.

The second difference – the demands of the protesters have purely social motives and only in the last days, grouped around the President’s resignation. This first “vests” want higher taxes on the rich, not the poor. Their requirements relate to specific financial expenditure relevant to every Frenchman with a car.

In Ukraine 2014 no social requirements did not exist – they are focused around abstract things, is clearly not associated with the improvement of people’s lives here and now. Therefore, the protests were easily manipulated by politicians – daily vbrasyvaya new reasons to overthrow the government.

If we look at the conflict through the eyes of the authorities, and here Ukraine behaved to put it mildly not European. The French police are not particularly ceremony with the protesters. Media make different points to remove how security forces beat the activists and spray into the crowd gas. While in Ukraine, every blow with a club was seen under a magnifying glass – and not just in the opposition press, but in Western embassies.

By the way, including in French. Paris was then condemned Yanukovych and demanded him to stop “pressed” the protesters, which the West condemned. Kiev and listened. Unlike Paris, which today considers the revolution “yellow jackets” its an internal matter and not allow anyone to dictate how to behave.

Therefore, there is reason to think that the foundations of the French state “yellow jackets” will not undermine.

This was evident today when protesters failed to achieve their goals and to storm the presidential Palace. Special forces harshly suppressed all attempts.

At the same time, the policy of the country protests to change. Until a very serious turn.

Conclusion 3. The US is not against these protests

To understand what kind of pivot it, you need to look overseas. Today Donald trump chose to – no, don’t Express concern – and from the soul, trolling France.

He quipped about the Paris protests, calling them a consequence of the Paris agreement on climate, which is not joined in the United States. And noted that Parisians “want trump.”

“The Paris agreement is not working very well for Paris. Protests and riots throughout France. People do not want to pay large sums of money, mostly to third world countries (which is in doubt), in order if possible to protect the environment. Sing “We want trump!” Love France,” wrote the US President on Twitter.

Calls for “want trump” really were at the meetings. And here the US President has noticed an interesting trend. The population of the European Union, fewer trust politicians globalist formation. This shows the positive dynamics of the rating of the right in Europe – politicians, who postulate a return to EU jobs, re-industrialization and anti-immigrant policies.

However, the protest in Paris is purely left character. The demands of the protesters opposite the right and liberal politics trump (which, as we know, reduces taxes on corporations). In fact it is a protest of the poor and middle class, whose incomes fall or undergo training (including due to the systematic collapse of the social state, what is happening in many European countries).

But now the question was: is it profitable U.S. protests in France? Let’s just say, judging by the fun of trump – they clearly do not interfere. Because the amount of contradictions with the current leaders of the EU – France and Germany – the US in recent time is critical.

One of them is NATO funding, which Europe wants to move away and create their own army (which, by the way, one of the ideas of Macron). It is noteworthy that patrolled the French government about the protests, trump criticized the idea of a European army.

He noted that during the First and Second world wars the idea of a European army “too worked”. According to him, the European countries have received support from the United States.

Hint trump looks even more scandalously. After all, the only “European army” during world war II was the Wehrmacht. Thus, the day of French protests, the US President almost accused the authorities of the European Union in the “Hitlerism”.

All this shows that America, these protests at least do not interfere and give another reason to declare insolvency the current European policy. Moreover, the fear of European elites to a popular revolt can force them to discard their geopolitical ambitions and harder to cuddle up to a strong shoulder of Americans.

Этот Макрон сломался, несите нового. 3 главных вывода из новых протестов у Триумфальной арки

Этот Макрон сломался, несите нового. 3 главных вывода из новых протестов у Триумфальной арки

Этот Макрон сломался, несите нового. 3 главных вывода из новых протестов у Триумфальной арки