The massacre in Samara: “wings of the Soviets” beat “Rostov”

Побоище в Самаре: «Крылья Советов» обыграли «Ростов»

The match of the 17th round between Samara “Wings of the Soviets” and “Rostov” ended in a controversial victory for the home team with the minimum account. The only goal Wings scored with a penalty in the beginning of the meeting, reports “WORLD 24”.

Judge Sergey Karasev saw the violation at the time of filing the owners corner – the defender put his hands Miral Samardzic’s and threw it on the lawn. Romanian footballer Paul Anton implemented the 11-meter in the 11th minute.

After this, the Wings retreated to their goal and started to play on the counterattack. In one of them at the end of the half, striker Sergei Kornilenko has received a second yellow card. He wanted to beat the defender and go one, but missed the ball and decided to drop.

The second half saw constant attacks of the visitors, who could not win for the fifth match in a row. Towards the end of the meeting, the game has become frankly neurotic character.

On 82 minutes, Karasev showed a straight red card to the forward of “Rostov” Ragnar Sigurdsson, who kicked the ball towards the bench of the owners and hit the boy the ball. After that, the field and a fight ensued, but the referee did not penalize its members, showing the yellow only one player from the Wings.

And on 85 minutes, “Rostov” remained in the minority. Captain gaţcan played roughly during the horse fight and got a second yellow card. Then Samardzic butted Inside, but Karasev did not remove him from the field.

A few minutes later, Agustin Rokhel on flageole whistle grabbed the football player “Rostov” and wrestling threw him on the field. Karasev has not responded to the episode, and when the guest coach Valery Karpin has started to be indignant, removed it.

After this defeat “Rostov” remained in sixth place, the team has 24 points. Wings scored 17 points and left the relegation zone, rising to 12th place.