The movement of trains in the Kuban after the accident with KAMAZ restored

PHOTO : MIR / Svetlana Rodina


In the Krasnodar territory restored the movement of trains after an accident involving a truck and passenger trains, the press service of the North-Caucasian railway.

On Saturday early morning at a railway crossing between stations Timashevskaya and Vedmedivka the farm Bednyagin the driver of “KAMAZ”, Laden with sand, drove into the path of the oncoming train, which was flying from Minsk to Adler. The driver applied the emergency brake, but the collision could not be avoided.

In total, the accident injured 18 people. 15 passengers suffered minor injuries. One was taken to the hospital in a state of moderate severity. The driver and his assistant and the truck driver is hospitalized in serious condition.

As reported in the regional police, the alleged perpetrator is the driver of “KAMAZ”, which went on the road on forbidding signal of the traffic light.

“The movement of trains on the stretch Timashevsk – Krasnodar region Vedmedivka SKZHD, limited to accidents, is performed both ways in a regular mode”, – stated in the message.

It is expected that the accident the train will arrive in Adler at 14:45, with a delay of half an hour.

Southern investigatory management on transport SKR beginning of the test.