The myth of the “strongest army of Europe” failed miserably

Миф о «сильнейшей армии Европы» с треском провалился

Fanned by the authorities of Ukraine the myth of the “strongest army of Europe” failed miserably – this is evidenced by the extremely low indicators of the autumn conscription in the ranks of the APU.

This opinion by “Politnavigator” was expressed by Ukrainian political analyst Pavlo Rudyakov, commenting on the head of the Kyiv military Commissariat Sergey Klyavlino that the turnout of recruits as of November 5, amounted to only 8%, shying away from the call more than 23400.

“Youth is not willing even for a short time to contact with the army. The main reason for this is the APU part in the conflict in the Donbass. Accordingly, in the army now implies a risk to be injured, maimed or killed. Although at different levels, including commander in chief, it was announced that conscripts will not be sent to the conflict zone, all these statements people take with a large grain of salt, because I know that the government is behaving irresponsibly. Therefore, detailed assurances do not consider it a guarantee that recruits will not be sent to the conflict zone.

This is one of the main factors, although not the only one. In General over the past 15-20 years, the popularity of service in the army has been steadily falling, as well as respect for those who are going to serve. Drop below the critical level occurred before the beginning of the known events.

In addition, starting in 2014, went to the huge flow of information about what is happening in the army and the Donbass from a variety of sources, including within the army, the personnel, rank and file and Junior officers. Information about what is really going on in the army for the beautiful “picture”, which tries to create the power of what is happening there with logistics, food, etc.

All this together makes recruits and their families to look for options – how or to evade service in the army or at least to prolong the pause in order to wait for the end of the conflict.

The low turnout in the recruiting office – and even “merit” of the military, which in the last three years become one of the major corruption structures in the APU. And the people know it,” – said Rudyak.