The Nikolaev area was presented in Belgium, the region’s potential for bioenergy development

Николаевская область представила в Бельгии потенциал региона по развитию биоэнергетики

The region has the resource base for enterprises on recycling of agro-industrial complex, development of bioenergy in the region are interested in how potential investors and European companies that operate in the field of biotechnology, said the Deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Oleksandr Kushnir.

The delegation from the Nikolaev area was presented in Belgium at the international conference “Improvement and stimulation of a European Bioeconomy” investment potential of the region, said Facebook Deputy head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Oleksandr Kushnir.

With him on the conference on behalf of the Chairman of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko has arrived the first Deputy Chairman of regional state administration Vyacheslav Bon, President of the Mykolaiv regional chamber of Commerce Igor Katvalyuk and other representatives of the region. They told us about the plans for the creation of new enterprises for the recycling of agro-industrial complex.

“Today the Nikolaev regional state administration is seriously considering the development of the Bioeconomy in the region, one of the key elements of which is bioenergy. The more that nikolayevshchina as a platform for the implementation of projects and create a profile enterprises attracted significant interest from conference participants. Among them – specialized investment funds and high-tech companies working in the field of biotechnology and bioenergy,” said Kushnir.

Funding for such proektov agreed to provide the European Bank of reconstruction and development, he said.

“Last month, the EBRD has officially announced the Bank’s plans to initiate in 2019, a large-scale specialized program for bioenergy. This program provides funding for EBRD 10-15 major projects in the field of bioenergy. The estimated funding for the program will reach 70-80 million euros. For today the problem of processing of wastes of agro-industrial complex is relevant to nikolayevshchina. For now, according to official data, only 1% of the waste products of agriculture used in recycling,” – said the Deputy head of the region.

He added that the region for the organization of the processing enterprises have a strong raw material base.

“The prospect of attracting funding from the EBRD, of course, greatly increases the attractiveness of such projects for developers of biotechnology and potential investors. Additional confidence in the correctness of the chosen direction and adds that this thesis was confirmed during the negotiations of the Nikolaev delegation with representatives of such well-known in the biotechnology market for foreign companies as Ecosinth, Cea tech, Global Industral Dynamycs NNFCC, Toulouse White Biotechnology, and so forth,” Kushnir wrote.

The delegation of the Nikolaev area was visited by Belgian company BIOBASE Europe pilot plant with unique scale biotechnological processes, he added. The company is a partner of many of the relevant EU programs in the field of bioenergy, where the representatives of the state administration got acquainted with production facilities and discussed with management the most promising ways of further cooperation. Representatives of the regional state administration met with the Deputy Director of the Belgian governmental institution “Agency for investment and trade Flanders”.

“The management Nikolaev yeah always aim to find additional resources for the development of the region and finding them not where all have become accustomed, and in new and promising directions. Bioenergy is a promising direction, which has in five years become one of the key trends in the world. The region that others will join in on this direction will benefit more in the short future. A lot of work ahead, and the main task, which set themselves the members of our delegation returned to Nikolayevshchina, to convey to our entrepreneurs on all the experience gained during the conference to explain the prospects and benefits of biotechnology, so they are already engaged in networking and implementation of best practices in this promising direction,” – said Kushnir.