The offensive line Alouettes will have to do better

La ligne offensive des Alouettes devra faire mieux

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press
Despite the breadth of his talent, Johnny Manziel did not bring it to Montreal as a savior.

The general manager of the Alouettes, Kavis Reed, had said : despite the breadth of his talent, Johnny Manziel did not bring it to Montreal as a savior. Would it still have more time to find his receivers.

Manziel, his line to attack, and the rest of the club will try to halt a four sequence of setbacks as well as visiting the Red and Black of Ottawa, on Saturday night.

Running like a gazelle to escape the pressure of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, who have crushed the Alouettes 50-11 Friday, Manziel has been the victim of four interceptions and two sacks in the fourth his first start in the canadian football League.

This is another lesson of football in front of their supporters has only served to confirm a trend clearly visible in the Alouettes (1-6) since the beginning of the season : the quarters do not have a lot of room to maneuver behind the line of attack that has given the bags of the canadian tour (25).

Whether Manziel, Vernon Adams ‘ son, Drew Willy, Matthew Shiltz or Jeff Mathews, if the Birds want to climb back up the table and hope to reach the playoffs, the protection of the quarters will have to be significantly better to allow the attack to register a few more points on the board.

“Collectively, we must work harder on the offensive line and commit less errors. It is necessary to block the player in front of us, whether for two or six seconds. It’s part of our work, has mentioned the centre of the Alouettes Kristian Matte. We don’t want Johnny to be always compelled to get out of the pocket. It is necessary that he does so only to help. “

When Montrealers have made the acquisition of the old quarter of the NFL, they have also put the hand on the players offensive line Tony Washington and Landon Rice. The two veterans were, precisely, to contribute to fill this gap, but the results are slow in coming.

“I think it was mainly due to a lack of continuity. It is difficult to build something when you don’t have the same players on your side, pointed out the head coach of the Alouettes, Mike Sherman. I noticed that there were some blocks that we do executions properly. They had to work elbow to elbow for more than a week. When they go to know each other better, it should go. “

As misfortunes do not appear to alone, his men will arrive in Ottawa with the worst attack in the CFL and without quarter with significant experience in the circuit. Already deprived of Willy, Shiltz and Mathews, the Alouettes have also lost the services of Adams, wounded in the left foot Friday. The pressure is therefore on the shoulders of the unit offensive led by Manziel.

Despite this lack of experience at quarterback, Sherman did not intend to overtax the rusher Tyrell Sutton, and to limit the games air.