The oldest painting on Sandstone and a wooden coffin was found in Egypt

Древнейший рисунок на песчанике и деревянный гроб найдены в Египте

French archaeologists have unearthed in ancient Egypt drawing on the Sandstone and a wooden coffin, which are approximately 3 500 years. The find was made in the ancient cemetery Asasif, located to the West of the province of Luxor. This was told by the staff of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt, reports the Agency

The head of the Supreme Council of antiquities Mustafa Vaziri reported that these artifacts belong to the 18th dynasty of pharaohs who ruled Ancient Egypt from 1550 BC to 1292 BC.

The discovery was made in the region of Asasif, which is located to the West of the rich monuments of Luxor, the staff of the joint mission of the French Institute of Oriental archaeology in Cairo (IFAO) and the University of Strasbourg led by the famous Egyptologist Frederick Knee.

As noted, the tomb was almost intact, while the pattern on the Sandstone was missing its upper left part.

By the way, at the end of September in Azasite Egyptian archaeological mission has discovered two ancient tombs with two mummies.

We will remind, recently, the French scientists were able to decipher many of the tattoo applied to the skin of an ancient mummy from Luxor. The remains were discovered in Deir El-Medina in 2014. They belonged to a young woman aged 25-34 years.