The parable of day, to win the favor of the universe

Притча дня о том, как завоевать благосклонность вселенной

Edition of the RIA-Melitopol continues heading “What’s the future got you in a parable.” Today another wise tip that may be useful to have a good life in the parable of day, to win the favor of the universe.

One man constantly on the street are different things. The lost umbrellas – and just when out in the rain, forgetting your umbrella at home, then dropped by someone unopened packs of cigarettes, then gloves… And when he needed money, very handy tucked money in that.

His friend, wondering and envying, once asked him:

– How do you do it?

– I do not know, – he replied. – I walk down the street in the rain, I’m cold and the water is flowing from the collar by the collar. Sometimes I find the umbrella, sometimes I meet a friend that I’m on the road and who forgot the umbrella at home.

Buddy thought. “And if I do not try?” – he asked himself. And decided to go further and find more money. Many days he walked down the street, focusing on the inner picture: a thick wad of bills lying on the pavement.

And one day, a miracle happened! Here’s the stack, right under your feet! But stooping down, he couldn’t keep the disappointed exclamation. In front of him, tied with a rubber band, lying leaflets, the shape and pattern copying a bill of large denomination. “Something I did wrong! – thought people. It was necessary to present myself as I give the money, as I count them, feel the roughness of the paper, smell it…”. And he again began to train the imagination.

One day the chief called him into his office and asked to take cash from the customer, count them and put in the safe. Everything was as he had imagined. With one exception: the money had been strangers.

The man was upset and went to lucky man.

– What did I do wrong? he asked. – Why didn’t I get what I wanted?

– Just what you wanted, you got, shrugs lucky. – The first time you mentally saw a piece of paper the size with the bill and with the same picture and your fantasy realized. The second time you imagined holding money in hand and count them. Isn’t that how it happened?

– But the money was not mine! – protested the unfortunate student.

– You forgot to mention that detail when he formed the order, – calmly replied the man. – Maybe the secret is that I never think about the umbrella or gloves before you find them. I just don’t want to get wet or to freeze.