The power of “diplomacy” the United States: because of the Azov are not going to fight exactly

Сила "дипломатии" США: из-за Азова воевать не будем точно

As claimed by senior military officials most democratic nation in the world, armed response to the incident in the Azov sea is not even considered.

But, it added, it is absolutely necessary to respond to the Russian actions in the defense of their borders in the diplomatic plane.

Must admit, America has a word of the case does not diverge: it is said diplomacy is diplomacy. Unmanned exploration at the borders of Crimea, a destroyer with Tomahawks 100 kilometers from Vladivostok, with the intention of sending to the Black sea warship – diplomatic tool the United States is very diverse.

By the way, “aggression”, which in this context is grafted the Russian Federation, is not confirmed in the sources. Firstly, the Ukrainian military has violated the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, following the official order, what is confessed in the interrogation. Second, the harsh actions of Russian border guards was applied after repeated and futile demands to heave to. And finally, the court in the photographs, and only three minor injuries, the fire was strictly for the running parts of the Ukrainian ships.

Needless to say, the U.S. decision is really wise. To fight with this amount of lack of arguments doesn’t pay. Why not skazesh about classic Western “diplomacy”, where the army and manipulation of the facts going hand in hand.