The provincial election campaign will begin on 23 August next

La campagne électorale provinciale commencera le 23 août prochain

Photo: Paul Chiasson, The canadian Press

Because he ” needs more days to go to the meeting of the Quebec prime minister Philippe Couillard made the gamble of an election campaign long, which will kick off on August 23.

As of this date, the caravans of the Quebec liberal Party, Parti québécois, Coalition avenir Québec and Québec solidaire crisscross cities and regions, and this, until the election of the 1st October.

In total, the campaign will last for 39 days, the maximum allowed by law.

“I immediately found that the number of days of the campaign was quite low,” said Philippe Couillard Saturday, at the end of the Congress of the young liberals, organized in Montreal. The pause of the party of Labour and the requirement to travel in the metropolis for three televised debates did not leave enough time for the liberal leader to present his “concrete commitments” in the regions of Quebec, he argued.

“So much the better ! The team of the Parti québécois is ready to propose a government close to the needs of the people and which refuses austerity, a permanent prepare for the CAQ and the PLQ, ” responded the leader of the parti québecois Jean-François Lisée.

“Our team is ready and we can’t wait to share with you our proposals for families in Quebec ! “wrote the chief caquiste Francois Legault on Twitter.

“Mr. Couillard is in a hurry to fight ? Very well. All of Quebec has had enough of the liberals ! Québec solidaire has never been as ready to take on the challenge. We have strong contenders in all regions and our finances have never been so good “, has also launched the elected solidaire Manon Massé.

A long campaign

In front of journalists, Philippe Couillard was kept to confirm the rumor to the effect that he has chosen a long campaign for better tripping his opponents — and in particular François Legault. “If their policies are not as strong as ours, this is what can happen [that they stumble]. What I can control, it is the strength of our proposals “, he said.

If it has recognized that a campaign of 78 days, as the experience of the Canadians in 2015, is ” too long “, the liberal leader has not shown concern about the shortness of breath that could cost the victory, this year, the conservatives of Stephen Harper.

Philippe Couillard has also pledged to resist ” the attacks very personal, or too personal “. “Also, by the way, the citizens don’t like it “, he said. Except that it does not prevent to highlight the “contradictions” of his opponents so far. “To emphasize, for example, the fact that the side of the CAQ, you never speak of certain issues, such as combating climate change or fighting poverty, or the international role of Quebec ? We’re going to emphasize “, he advanced. “We will not hesitate to emphasize that the discourse is different [the QAF] as it is in the regions or the cities, that one speaks English or French,” he added, without ever mention the Parti québécois.

A crowd raring to go

It is on the stage, during his closing speech to the 36th Congress of the young liberals, Philippe Couillard chose to announce the date of onset of the election campaign. “I announce to you that on the 23rd of August, in 12 days, we will be in election campaign “, he launched the youth activists and elected liberals gathered in front of him.

“I announce to you that on the 1st of October, in 50 days, Quebecers will elect a new majority liberal government “, he predicted, while the crowd responded with screams and applause.

Before him, the president of liberal Party campaign, Alexandre Taillefer, said that the road to the election of the 1st October it announced that ” extremely difficult “. “It is a war that will be won in the trenches, and we will need you to help us all “, he launched the young liberals.

The prime minister Couillard has rather referred to the beginning of” a great path towards the re-election of the liberal Party of Quebec “.

“Together, mark yet another history in Quebec,” he chanted. “On the 1st of October next, Quebecers will make the choice of the future, leadership and trust “, he advanced.

“It may take more time to explain and demonstrate facts and our policies, the better it is for us [in] the liberal Party, because it has a balance sheet that is extraordinary in the political history of Quebec “, stated the minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette.