The Quebecer Mikaël Kingsbury won the gold medal in Japan

Le Québécois Mikaël Kingsbury remporte la médaille d’or au Japon

Photo: Rick Bowmer Associated Press
Mikaël Kingsbury had won four of the first five stops of the world Cup this season, the last of which in Mont-Tremblant, at the end of the month of January.

The Quebecer Mikaël Kingsbury resumed where he had left it before becoming a world champion in Deer Valley.

Kingsbury has obtained a total of 86,40 points during its final descent, and he put his hand on the gold medal on the race of the moguls world Cup freestyle skiing events, held in Tazawako, Japan, Saturday.

“I didn’t really plan today. In fact, my plan, in the final, it was to finish among the first six bosseurs, just to make sure of a place in the super-final, he explained. Then, he set out to make beautiful, and it is at this point that I decided to perform my jump, “Cork 1440” — I had not tried since last summer — and I landed.

“It was a beautiful feeling of becoming the first worker to succeed in this break-away in the world Cup “, he added.

The plodder of Two Mountains, which was named the world champion in the single and in parallel, two weeks ago, had won four of the first five stops of the world Cup this season, the last of which in Mont-Tremblant, at the end of the month of January.

Making the penultimate downhill of the super-finale, Kingsbury has placed in full view to get the best score of the day. The Japanese Ikuma Horishima, who had been the best of the final, fell on his first jump and he has offered the gold medal at Quebec.

“I knew that by making my “Cork 1440”, Ikuma, who was following me, had to try him in order to hope to win “, he explained.

The surprise came from Quebec’s Philippe Marquis, who has climbed on the second step of the podium after a total of 83,67 points. Constant during all its descents, Marquis has signed his best result of the season and the first podium in the world Cup since February 18, 2017, on the same track.

“When I’m reviré, I found that Phil was second. So, to be on the podium, to make a doubled canadian with Phil — we are cochambreurs here, as we did two years ago here, and with all the injuries he sustained, it was really a perfect day “, a summary Kingsbury.

“When I woke up this morning, I told “Kim” that I would go for the victory, and he told me the same thing. However, there is only one first place, said the Marquis. I skied well all day. I increased my speed and amplitude of my jumps in the final and super-final and everything fell into place. It is a return unlikely ; it is the cherry on the sundae. I have no words to describe this podium. This is fantastic. “

American Bradley Wilson completed the podium after having received a score of 80,47 for his descent in super-final. Also to his supporters, the Japanese Daichi Hara is simply the fourth place (79,24).

For the ladies, Justine Dufour-Lapointe has missed the podium by only 22-hundredths of a second. Quebec has reaped 76,70 points in the super-final, to reach the second position, but it has slipped two ranks when the Kazakh Yulia Galysheva and the Frenchwoman Perrine Laffont performed their descent.

Laffont was awarded the gold medal (82,97), followed by the Australian Jakara Anthony (79,87) and Galysheva (76,92). It was a second consecutive gold medal in the world Cup for the French.

The course of the Quebecer Chloé Dufour-Lapointe was stopped in the final, after she had finished in 13th place with a total of 69,37 points.


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