The racist incidents that occurred in Saint-Jerome does not surprise Georges Laraque

Les incidents racistes survenus à Saint-Jérôme ne surprennent pas Georges Laraque

Photo: League north american hockey via The canadian Press
The defender jonquiérois Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby

The ex-hockey player from the national hockey League, Georges Laraque is not surprised, even in 2019, as a player of black hockey League north american hockey (LNAH) has been the victim of gestures to characters racist during a match in Saint-Jérôme on Saturday, and that his family has also been the target of a handful of supporters.

“It does not surprise me at all, but I can’t believe that the situation has degenerated to the point where even the family was involved, that it is almost gone so far as to attack his family,” said the leader of the 91,9 Sports for The canadian Press.

“There is still so much way to go in society for there to be equality. In arenas, hockey is considered a sport of White people and the racism in hockey, this is too easy. I’ve been a victim throughout my career in minor hockey. The LNAH must be like in the NHL and have a law that requires a team to act in the event of such incidents, to evict the spectators fault. “

During a match involving the Marquis de Jonquière and the Oil in the North of Saint-Jérôme, the defender jonquiérois Jonathan-Ismael Diaby has been the target of supporters, who have launched insults of a racist nature in addition to show him videos of monkey while he was in the penalty box.

The former choice of the Predators of Nashville was also found that it was taking on his family.

Fearful of not being able to keep his cool after being handed a second penalty to Jonathan-Ismaël Diaby has itself requested the arbitrator to serve this penalty in the locker room. It is at this point that he decided to go look for his family — Diaby is a native of the region — and to leave the arena regional Rivière-du-Nord.

According to the description of the events made by Diaby, the security service, instead of putting wrongdoers outside, has asked his family to move, while it is just ask the man who showed him videos of racist on the bench to go and sit down.

“This is ridiculous ! added Laraque. Why hire security if she is not doing her job and not to expel people who commit disgraceful gesture ? There were 1250 people in the stands, why has no one done anything to stop the thirty people that have polluted the atmosphere ? “

No penalty

On the side of the club, refused to comment further on the record, believing that everything that needed to be said had been. On the subject of security, a spokesperson has however stated that ” the necessary measures will be taken and that these intolerable forms of behavior will not be tolerated.”

It seems that this is not the first incident of its kind to occur in the LNAH. Even the League of the Black people of Quebec has been seized by the past.

“We have received several complaints about incidents of the kind [in the LNAH]. We believe that there should be sanctions and that this should be one of zero tolerance, said the president of the organization, Dan Philip. The officials of this league do not and that is unfortunate. “

It seems that the LNAH does not punish the club Saint-Jérôme for the indiscipline of his followers. The commissioner of the circuit semi-professional quebec, Jean-François Laplante, was not recalled to The canadian Press.

“The organization has a role on the level of security, but at the level of racist, no. You can’t target a population, ” argued the commissioner, in The Press

“The league has nothing to do in there,” said Laraque.

“What ought to happen is that the match should have been stopped until we put these people outside. They have not done so. What [Jean-François Laplante] would have had to say, it is that there are as yet no rules against this sort of gestures. Instead of publishing his video on the incident, he would have had to put in place a regulation that makes the teams responsible for what happens in their stands and if they don’t, they pay the price of fines in the future. “


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