The rates affect the ratification of the ACEUM

Les tarifs nuisent à la ratification de l’ACEUM

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
The minister of Transport, Marc Garneau

The federal minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, warns u.s. lawmakers on the fact that Canada will be difficult to ratify the new agreement of free trade in north america if tariffs on U.s. exports of steel and aluminum, remain in force for a long time.

Mr. Garneau, who was involved in a group discussion on the free trade during the meeting of winter of the national Association of governors, said that the time was flying quickly to ratification by the Parliament and that he was unaware if this was possible without the lifting of customs tariffs.

The minister argued that it was “illogical” that the White House may invoke national security to justify these tariffs, imposed in may last year and still in force despite the signing last year of the Agreement United States-Canada-Mexico (ACEUM), an updated version of NAFTA. But he also said that Canada would “quickly” after the lifting of the tariffs.

Larry Kudlow, an economic advisor to the president Donald Trump who participated in the focus group, held to say to the minister that the government Trump is trying to address the problem of customs tariffs.

Canada’s ambassador to the United States, David MacNaughton, said last week that it believed that the tariffs could be lifted within a few weeks, but he then refused to provide additional details.

Mr. Trump has put an end to the exemption of canadian tariffs last spring, in a gesture that he recognized later as a negotiating tactic, and the president has also declared that the tariffs would be lifted once the agreement was signed.


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