The reason for the detonation of tens of min called magnetic storm

Причиной детонации десятков мин назвали магнитную бурю

The researchers called an unexpected cause of failure of a major operation of the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam war. Plans of the armed forces upset the most powerful magnetic storm that occurred on 4 August 1972.

Operation Pocket Money, involved placement of 11 thousand underwater mines off the coast of North Vietnam to block sea routes.

Explosive devices set up so that they react to magnetic, acoustic and other signals passing ships.

But part of the mines inexplicably detonated prematurely. August 4, observers have noticed a series of bombings South of Haiphong. For half a minute worked from 20 to 30 rounds, according to

There representatives the Navy has discovered around 30 locations muddy waters, evidence of earlier explosions.

The reason for this incident could not install. Scientists from the University of Colorado in boulder suggested – all happened because of a solar storm, which brought down the magnetic sensors for explosive devices.

Recall that the largest known magnetic storm happened in 1859. According to eyewitnesses, then, from Telegraph machines were sparks large enough to cause a fire. The event of 1972 could be comparable in power.

Interestingly, this storm in NASA called legendary, since it occurred exactly between two Apollo missions: in April 1972, one crew returned to Earth, and the other was preparing to land on the moon in December.

The astronauts who would be subjected to the impact of a storm in space, could receive a huge dose of radiation, possibly with a fatal outcome.

Recall that our planet is protected from solar radiation by the atmospheric layer. But the influence of major emissions still significantly – may lead to failure of satellite equipment and electronics, the start of sickness among weather-sensitive people.