The restaurateur considered Securom the desire of some rappers to participate in the “Blue light”

Ресторатор посчитал зашкваром желание некоторых рэперов участвовать в «Голубом огоньке»

Alexander “Restaurateur” Timartsev, organizer Versus Battle gave an interview to radio station “Moscow Says”. In it he reported that the program “Blue light” can go some rap artists.

Alexander podelilsa his thoughts, saying that young rappers on the program can call. But from the “old school” guys don’t agree to go. Participation in this resource will be saskarni history in their circles.

A little earlier, a source from the First channel on the radio station “Moscow speaking” reported that the rappers will participate in the Christmas show. Artists source are not reported, but noticed that shooting is already underway.

The Deputy of the State Duma made a statement that he will ask the leadership of major TV channels to call rappers on “Blue lights”.