The scandal with the “Golden ball”: participated in the voting knows who

Скандал с «Золотым мячом»: в голосовании участвовал неизвестно кто

Around the “Golden ball”-2018 scandal. It turned out that in voting has taken into account the voice of the mythical member of the long-closed edition. Discovered and other oddities. He writes about this .

In the list of journalists to select the best football player of the year presented by France Football of the list, was listed Abdu Tumblers from the Comoros that voted for PSG striker and national team of France Kilian Mbappe. After the title of the best was awarded to Croat Luka Modric, it turned out that no Tumblers among journalists there, and edition, which he allegedly represented, was closed six years ago.

“No record of Abdu Slaughter no. I could understand a mistake of the French publication, if the journalist had been another mass medium, but there is no such man”, – said the President of the Association of journalists of the Comoros Stefan Ahamadi.

Who and why needed this hoax is unknown.

In addition, the journalist Lasana contact Ms. Willa liburd of Trinidad and Tobago stated that during the counting of votes improperly took into account her opinion. According to her, she put on the first place of Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann in the fifth. However, in the published table, players are placed in reverse order.

By and large, it formally puts into question the legitimacy of the voting results, in which the Golden ball went to midfielder of real Madrid and captain of the Croatian Luka Modric. However, its separation from the other contenders for the award was so convincing (Luke earned 753 points, while its closest rival, Cristiano Ronaldo – 476) that their revision is unlikely to go it.

Earlier, the football world has puzzled other news. The ex-striker of Bayer Leverkusen and the German national team, Stefan Kiessling has admitted that he never fully passed the tests on physical readiness. Part of the job was performed by his wife.