The shot missed the target, or, As in Russia responded to new U.S. sanctions

Выстрел мимо цели, или Как в России отреагировали на новые санкции США

The United States expanded sanctions list against Russia by adding three individuals and nine organizations. In the state Duma called the move a shot wide of the goal, and in the Crimea once again stressed that the daily life of the restrictive measures had no effect, writes RIA Novosti.

On the introduction of sanctions by Washington in connection with the annexation of Crimea and the situation in the Donbass previously stated the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine with Kurt Volker. In those who are on the sanctions of the organizations of the sanatorium “AI-Petri”, “Dulber” and “Mishor” in the Crimea, the company “South project” belonging to Bank “Russia” Yuri Kovalchuk, who at the end of 2017 bought at auction 100% of the shares of the Crimean factory of sparkling wines “New world”.

Ignore these symptoms

According to Deputy foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov, in the case that Russia decides to respond to American sanctions, “according to the totality of the circumstances”, without any reference to the recent enlargement.

“The potential, hypothetical response a separate issue. We will decide on the totality of the circumstances, any direct bindings to anything here. We by and large ignore similar kind of hostile manifestations,” – said Ryabkov.

It is pointless to frighten

Getting under the sanction of the Crimean resorts is a shot off target, said the Deputy of the state Duma Ruslan Balbec.

“Kurt Volker (the special envoy of the US state Department in Ukraine, ed.) certainly does not Shine nor the “Dulber” or “Mishor” or “AI-Petri”, so sanctions on these resorts – it’s shot wide of the goal. But everything else – from the category to entertain the soul for lack of evidence. Indeed, the lack of evidence became a new global trend of the Western world,” – said the MP.

However, he believes that scare the sanctions as Crimea, so Russia is useless, because it unified whole.

“Whatever tore the suspenders on his chest Kurt Volker, the Russians constitute the main tourist flow to the Peninsula. They will go to the “AI-Petri”, “Dulber” and “Mishor”, figuratively speaking, spit with high mountains on U.S. sanctions,” said Balbec.

Black cat in a dark room

In turn, the state Duma Deputy Mikhail Sheremet sure that the new restrictive measures are counterproductive, so Western countries should stop to talk with Moscow the language of force and sanctions pressure.

“Sanctions in themselves are counterproductive, because harm to the normal dialogue between the countries. USA it’s time to stop talking with Russian language of force, pressure and sanctions. Unfortunately, the US authorities instead to establish partnership relations with Russia continue to invent new enemies and look for a black cat in a dark room,” – said the MP.

Advertising of the Crimean resorts

The Russian Embassy in the US said that sanctions should lead to an increase in the popularity of Crimean resorts that fall under the restrictions.

“Notice that this time the list was Crimean sanatoriums… Expected in this context, the growing popularity of these resorts. For American tourists, they believe, will introduce now special offers”, – reads the statement of the Embassy on the page in Facebook.

The diplomats invited US citizens to come to rest in the Crimea.

The Embassy also noted that Washington continues “in standby mode” to impose sanctions on the Russian Crimea. “We promised to do this every month or two. The next round, so we can expect for the New year. Let’s face it, have long ceased to understand what he wants to achieve the American side”, – noted in the Embassy.

Sanctions are not surprised

Sanctions policy of the United States ceased to surprise, said the head of Committee of the state Council of Crimea on interethnic relations Yuri HEMPEL. According to him, such measures do not affect the everyday life of the Crimean people.

“The new package of sanctions is already no surprise to us. Crimeans do not feel them in everyday life. Although sanctions to a certain extent, inhibit the development of the Crimea, but they also harm European countries,” he explained.

HEMPEL stressed that Washington wants a leading guiding force of Western countries in terms of tightening sanctions against Moscow. “While the United States continues to pursue a negative policy towards Russia, EU countries are beginning to see the light and realize her handicap,” – said the Deputy.