The strikes of the students to the climate in the process of winning the Quebec?

Les grèves étudiantes pour le climat en voie de gagner le Québec?

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The group “The Planet is invited to the University of Montreal,” has seen the light of day three weeks ago.

While the strikes of the students, for the climate is on the rise in Europe, young Montrealers are working to extend this movement to universities and cegeps in Quebec.

The group “The Planet is invited to the University of Montreal,” has seen the light of day there are only three weeks and he is already planning to launch an appeal to all students of the province on Friday.

His spokesperson, Leah Ilardo, explains that the collective has quickly revised its ambitions upwards, finding the willingness to act in other universities and cegeps.

The goal is to “answer the call of the strike in the global climate march 15th,” says the student in the bachelor of communication and policy at the University of Montreal.

Inspired by the strikes of the weekly launched in Sweden, it does not preclude the possibility of disengage on a regular basis next fall.

“We don’t want to just do the strike to do the strike, explains the young woman of 20 years. The young people have the responsibility to show that one is not resigned and that there is still time “.

Still time, yes — but the change of course should be radical. In a report published last October, the intergovernmental panel on climate change, the United Nations concluded that it is possible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial times, but that this will require a radical rethinking of the global economy, including the abandonment of fossil fuels. Although the claims accurate of the movement are still the subject of discussion, Leah Ilardo is expected that they will include compliance with the recommendations of the IPCC.

For Mathieu Desgroseillers, instigator of engagement at the University of Montreal, the world is finally ready to hear this message.

For students like him, the issue holds, in its eyes, a single question : “Why invest so much time and money in a future that is as uncertain, with universities who plan to turn green on a black background, all of that is to produce knowledge that, in the end, will not be taken into account by governments ? “

The activists of ” The Planet is invited to the University of Montreal “, the name of which is modeled on the collective – ” The Planet is invited to the Parliament “, question all the government authorities in the administration of their own university, they urge them to stop investing in the oil and gas sector.

“The changes happen on a personal level, but must be done collectively and institutionally also, on a larger scale,” explained the student of 22 years, bachelor’s degree in anthropology.

“It’s been months that I see that my commitment to small-scale is no longer enough,” says Leah Ilardo. We do not see any radical change at the level of governments. It is necessary to cause this change because today, we no longer have the choice. “


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