The style of the movement of lizards-the geckos will learn to create special robots

Стиль движения ящериц-гекконов изучат для создания особых роботов

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley and British physicists figured out why lizards, geckos are able to move quickly through the water, overtaking even the ducks. It’s all about the structure of the skin of their legs and movements. Between the lizard and water creates a kind of air cushion, which allows a smooth and quick move. About it writes the edition .

In order to understand the mechanism of movement of water, scientists have spent several weeks on surveillance in tropical areas of Singapore. The researchers also drew attention to the movement of the tail of the Gecko. Them lizards help themselves to accelerate and balance on the water. Reptiles, by the way, was rich in talents. They can climb the wall at a rate of one meter per second, and turn somersaults in the air.

It is planned that a detailed study of the structure of the skin of geckos and style of their movement will help create robots that will participate in the rescue of people in remote places.

Earlier, the canadian scientists have found that geckos can regenerate their brain cells.