The super goal of the Swede did not save the Carpathians from the Dawn of destruction

Супергол Шведа не спас Карпаты от поражения Заре

In the match of the 15th round of the Premier League “Zorya” Luhansk house defeated Karpaty Lviv.

Guests actively started today’s game, but missed the first. On 16 minutes Khomchenovskyy opened the scoring, finishing a cross from the left from Gordienko and calmly shot the target from close range. Answer of Lviv became a goal-handsome in the performance of the Swede – Marian metres with 25-ti sent the ball into the top corner. And a minute later Karpaty was supposed to go forward, but after hitting Carrascal Luhansk saved the post.

In the second half wards of Vernydub has played more actively their opponents and deservedly managed to take the lead in the 70th minute when Gordienko from the centre of the box headed the ball into the corner after a corner. Until the end of the match the score has not changed, although it should be noted that closer to another goal scored was just the owners.

2018-19 Championship Of Ukraine. 2nd circle. The 15th round.

Zarya – Karpaty 2:1 (1:1)

Goals: Khomchenovskyy, 16 (1:0); Swedish M., 34 (1:1); Gordienko, 70 (2:1)

Zarya: Mayboroda (Gromov, 57); Luis Felipe; One; Gordienko; Tymchuk; Vernydub; Khomchenovskyy; Mickle, B.; Silas (Kharatin, 77); Arveladze (Lednev, 86); Karavaev

Karpaty: Shevchenko, N.; Kovtun; Lebedenko; Miroshnichenko D.; Beard; Di Franco (Papa Gueye, 89); Klets; Carrascal (Myakushko, 77); Swedish M. (Rodrigo Vargas, 81); Gutsulyak; Ponda

Warning: Silas, 66; Kharatin, 91; Tymchuk, 93 – Ponda, 50; Miroshnichenko D., 68; Carrascal, 76