The Ukrainian banking sector is not able to work with retail browser

Украинский банковский сектор не умеет работать с розницей - обозреватель

It’s hard not to notice that the conditions of restructuring for small and medium business are offered cheaper than for individuals. and when it comes to retail of pure water, the accrued penalty and interest account for 75% of all debt, but if you look at the structure of debts of natural persons-entrepreneurs and small business, penalties and fines there will be only 50% of the debt. It turns out that a Bank to small entrepreneurs loyal not only at the stage of restructuring, but in the moment of the loan. This largely explains the cause of the toxic loan portfolio of physical persons.

About this in his article for ZN.UA Julia writes Samaeva. In her opinion, the Ukrainian banking sector is not able to work with retail. The consumer lending segment for years was ignored by banks, were considered unpromising and side. Since 2008, the share of loans to individuals in total loan portfolio of banks has steadily declined from 36.4 to 15.7% in 2016.

“Despite the fact that the segment of consumer lending to date, almost the only one that can grow and has the greatest potential for growth, the dynamics of this growth is discouraging: 15.7% of the total loan portfolio in 2016, and 17% in 2017, and 17.7% for the first half of 2018,” – said the browser.

Last year, USAID in the framework of the project “Transformation of the financial sector” conducted a study of the consumer lending market in Ukraine. For the study was selected the method “the secret buyer”. Mystery shoppers by visiting the financial institution, found that the attitude of the bankers to the clients-natural persons, to put it mildly, collaborative, and transparent will not name. For example, banks often do not inform customers basic terms of cooperation – the final cost of the loan, the real interest rate, the availability of the product additional fees. The managers of the departments could not always wanted to explain to mystery shoppers all these details, moreover, only in 15% of cases, they have allowed potential borrowers to bring copies of loan agreements to familiarize yourself with them.

“The agreements that shoppers have finally been able to learn from branches of Ukrainian banks, they were horrified. Almost 55% of agreements contain terms that violate the right of the borrower to repay the loan ahead of schedule, more than 50% of the borrower impose additional conditions, almost 50% is left Bank the right to unilaterally change any terms of the contract, over 30% of them did not contain detailed descriptions of the total cost of credit, and 17% – did not have a schedule of payments, – the author writes. – Essentially the banks own create the preconditions for failure of the customer to service his loan. After all, if in the contract the person promised one, the cost of credit, but in the end she grew up, if a client is “punished” for trying to repay the loan prematurely if the terms of his agreement with the Bank was changed without his knowledge, a desire not to maintain such loan, you can understand.”