The UN asked Canada not to deport a Saudi seeking asylum

L’ONU demande au Canada de ne pas expulser un Saoudien demandant l’asile

The man is being held in Laval, from 26 July, the authorities fearing her escape.

The Top of the united Nations Commissioner for human rights called Wednesday for the suspension of the deportation of a Saudi seeking asylum in Canada. A query that would give him a suspended sentence the time that the united nations reviews his case.

Her lawyer, Stephanie Valois, has confirmed the new Duty on Wednesday, indicating that his client was currently in the hospital, which could also explain that it has not yet been deported. “We learned today that he suffered great pains because of stress. He was terrified of [Tuesday night] to learn that he was to return saudi Arabia “, she says.

Held in Laval since July 26, the authorities, fearing his escape, the man — whose identity cannot be revealed — was to be deported Wednesday to his country of origin. When the decision came in early August, he requested ” a pre-removal risk assessment “, in order to be able to explain the dangers involved in returning there.

Denounced by one of his colleagues in saudi Arabia for criticizing the war in Yemen at his place of work, he lost his job, and then fled the country. He is now alarmed for the fate that awaited him there.

“It belongs to the shi’a minority, which is persecuted in Saudi Arabia-majority sunni, and it is now identified as a kind of opponent there, it is for that that he need to flee his country,” says one of his lawyers, Stéphanie Valois.

Highlighting the recent escalation of diplomatic tensions between the two countries, she fears the worst for his client.

The lawyers of the claimant have used their last card on Tuesday night, seeking help from the United Nations to block his deportation was imminent.
Concretely, the united nations cannot prevent his expulsion, as Ottawa has the last word. It will, however, examine the complaint of lawyers to assess how the folder of the Saudi arabian has been processed, and if the Canada has violated his rights.
“I was really surprised it was made here, it is very rare, but it is our last resort, trust Me Valois. In the background, it is said to have withdrawn his request to save his family. “

Second request

The hic, in the case of Saudi, it is only in the light of canadian laws, he had already made a first application for asylum to finally cancel during the process. “In Canada, one cannot make an asylum application only once “, tells Me the Valois.

The man had arrived for the first time in Canada with a student visa and had, on 8 June 2017, made an application for asylum with the government. He had interrupted his efforts, on October 31, 2017, to reach emergency his family in saudi Arabia, his wife having been arrested by the police. According to Me Valois, she provided pro-bono care to people injured by the authorities.

Upon his return to saudi Arabia, the man has been detained and ” abused “, in particular to provide information on shia militants.

In the request for a stay, I Valois said that he had managed to escape the country by bribing customs officers.

Finally, it has started the whole process, through the United States to reach Canada with his family. The mother and two children were able to present their asylum application without a problem, but his own was denied, since it was less than a year that he had himself cancelled the first time.

A disputed decision by a Saudi arabian, but a federal Court judge has given the green light to expulsion Tuesday at the end of the day. The judge held that he had not presented the necessary documents to support its arguments about its fears of a return to Saudi Arabia.

“The authorities have justified that it was returned to him-even in Saudi Arabia, implying that the risk was not so important, and that, in addition to we had not proved that he had been arrested there. You really believe that Saudi Arabia holds such a record of arrests ? ” launches Me Valois at the end of the wire.