“The unlikely history of the toilet”: the great story of the little corner

«L’improbable histoire des toilettes»: la grande histoire du petit coin

Photo: Télé-Québec
This documentary film, the less light it has the air reminds us that the hour is serious.

Grace, do not let yourself be put off by the subject ! As proven by the welsh poet Ifor ap Glyn in this documentary dating from 2012, The unlikely history of the toilet, Nick Watts, the dejection may be a subject absolutely fascinating.

After all, since ancestral times, where people were content to just bury the whole thing neither seen nor known until the japanese toilet on the cutting edge of technology, through the latrines of ancient Rome, the man he never stopped to dig the meninges to create places of comfort enjoyable for all ? Not to mention the toilet paper, without which we would still be wiping your ass with a feather, a seashell, or an ear of corn…

However, since the Eighteenth century, where finally appeared the toilet with toilet bowl and evacuation system, which was much more convenient than these commode chairs located in the closet — hence the name “toilet” — performed in the ramparts in the Middle Ages, the throne has changed very little. In addition to the fact that 4.5 million human beings are still deprived of hygienic facilities, condemning them to live in unsanitary conditions, this documentary film, the less light it has the air reminds us that the hour is serious.

In fact, wouldn’t it be time to invent a system where you would not have to waste gallons of drinking water and where we could recycle energy what it excretes ? Think about that the next time that you will take hunting.

The unlikely history of the toilet (V. F. of The Toilet, an Unspoken History)

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