The Verkhovna Rada has added 10.8 billion hryvnias for the payment of pensions in the budget-2019

Верховная Рада добавила 10,8 млрд гривен на выплату пенсий в госбюджете-2019

The Parliament revised budget expenditures on several counts.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine increased by 10.8 billion hryvnia, to 139.3 billion to 150,1 billion hryvnia, the state budget expenditures in 2018 for pensions. For the bill No. 9369 voted by 226 deputies.

The bill makes changes in other expenditure items of the state budget:

  • on to 227.4 million increased payments of additional payments for work in the exclusion zone and allocated 27.6 million UAH for the modernization of the Antarctic station “Akademik Vernadsky”;
  • 7.2 billion, reduced the size of grants for payment of social allowances to families with children in connection with a reduction in fertility;
  • 1.2 billion decrease in funding to support the reform of public administration in connection with the revision of the directions of implementation of reforms;
  • almost 1 billion cut funding support to the livestock sector, by 0.9 billion hryvnia farms and 0.3 billion farmers;
  • 0.3 billion reduced funding for privatization of state property.

In connection with the imposition of martial law redistributed a number of costs. In particular, for 300 million hryvnia increased costs of labor, Armed forces, 65 million UAH to the staff of the security Service of Ukraine, UAH 100 million – for payment of workers of the Prosecutor General (due to the decrease in capital expenditures).

In the explanatory note to the draft law, the Ministry of Finance are among the sources of additional funds notes savings of 2.5 billion UAH of debt service in connection with the difference of the forecasted exchange rate during the formation of the state budget 2018 and the actual.

In connection with the proposed changes is expected to increase state budget revenues by 118.5 million (up 917 997,9 million), the cost of 229.7 million (929,7 to 991 million), boundary amount of debt by 2.5 billion hryvnia (up to 2 001,8 billion).