“This is normal”. Live parliamentary TV channel got in a fight the deputies. Video

For the first time in the 20 year history of the parliamentary TV channel “Rada” in his live devoted to the activities of the Verkhovna Rada, a fight two deputies. Defeated the more experienced parliamentarian.

The clash took place in the final live broadcast of the program “Governament” when, during the debate could not find common language of the people’s Deputy from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Oleg Barna and non-faction MP Yuriy Levchenko from “Svoboda”.

Things started to heat up after Barna gave a long and brooked no opposition tirade which indicated that those elected officials that do not pass the ATO and has not been mobilized, do not have the moral right to speak about the military situation and the state budget, casually calling it “Freedom” politically impotent.

Levchenko said pair of short remarks, calling the Barn “a servant of the oligarchy” and after crossing the opponent to “you” added a test shot, remembering that Barna has “showed his level as a person who is drunk crashes into tram in Kiev”, after which Barna approached the chair Levchenko and struck him a few more hidden jabs the audience couldn’t appreciate, and then overwhelmed the opponent to the floor, skillfully taking advantage of the more favorable counter and furniture. Then left the Studio.

“For God’s sake, apologize. I’m fine. It is absolutely normal,” said Levchenko and sat back on the chair.

The Director of parliamentary television channel Vladimir Leh noted that this fight was the first fight in the Studio live “Happy” in 20 years of existence of the channel.

“MPs fought each other, damaging the television equipment”, – reported the “Happy” in Facebook.