Toronto: reduction alleged the municipal council by the government Ford

Toronto: réduction alléguée du conseil municipal par le gouvernement Ford

Photo: Christopher Katsarov The canadian Press
The new prime minister, Doug Ford believes that this measure will increase government efficiency and reduce waste.

The Ontario government intends to drastically reduce the size of the city council of the City of Toronto, only a few months before the next municipal elections.

The new prime minister, Doug Ford believes that this measure will increase government efficiency and reduce waste.

The government of Ford’s intention to introduce a bill that would increase the number of seats in the municipal council of 47 to 25, thereby aligning the numbers of seats in municipal and provincial.

The deadline to become a candidate city was Friday afternoon, but the government has said that the period would be extended until the month of September.

Mr. Ford says that this “will significantly improve the decision-making process at Toronto City hall” and will save taxpayers $ 25 million.


This is the new number of councillors provided for by the government Ford. To this day, they are 47.

Public Consultation unnecessary

When asked why he had not campaigned or held public consultations on the subject, Doug Ford said, have heard by thousands of people when he performed the door-to-door. According to him, the citizens want less elected.

“There’s not a lot of people I know who do not want to exchange one group of politicians against 25 million, said Mr. Ford. The people are not politicians ; what they want is that the work is done. “

The mayor of Toronto, John Tory, is vehemently opposed to the intentions of Mr. Ford. He plans to propose a referendum on the idea, which he called” absolutely incorrect “.

“It is a decision gigantic about the future of Toronto,” said mayor Tory. What I don’t need and what I can not bear, is that it forces us to change without the population having consulted a single second. “

The news has provoked an outcry even within the federal government. The liberal mp Adam Vaughan, who represents a toronto riding, has been criticized Doug Ford for wanting to sink the Queen City into chaos.

Also parliamentary secretary for urban Affairs, Mr. Vaughan has argued that Toronto has to deal with an outbreak of armed violence and the sensitive issue of asylum-seekers, was more than ever in need of stability.

Ottawa will not remain with folded arms, he advanced.

“If we have to work around Queen’s Park, we contournerons Queen’s Park. Because ultimately, Torontonians are also Canadians, and the canadian government has a responsibility to protect Canadians, especially when people make gestures as vindictive and destructive against them, ” he protested.

Some councillors have also left to feel their opposition to the provincial project and hoped that the mayor rejects it.

Calling the plan Ford” affront to democracy “, the councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam requires that the mayor goes to court.

“I believe that the mayor must defend our city and our democracy, and this is what I expect of her,” she added.

His counterpart John Campbell is of the opinion that the reduction of the council nearly half and reduce the level of oversight of boards and commissions in a municipality.

“If you reduce the board to twenty-five elected, one quickly loses the pulse of the electorate and, in the end, it is the public that is the loser. He will feel it soon, ” according to him.

Others have expressed their support for a device city more modest, their arguments being the savings in costs and a faster decision-making by the board.

“The only thing that we do in this chamber is that everyone stands up and wishes to talk about it. When you have twenty-five people, there is more cohesion, you can get things done more quickly. That is why I am all for this proposal, ” argued councillor Jim Karygiannis.

The prime minister Ford has already done a term as a Toronto city councillor, in addition to having solicited the city council without success.