“Tourists interfere with the prostitutes to work”: the Amsterdam authorities plan to relocate the red light district

"Туристы мешают проституткам работать": власти Амстердама планируют перенести квартал красных фонарей

In Amsterdam brothels can move from the famous red light district to another place due to the annoying tourists. The city Council believe that they prevent prostitutes to work.

As reported by Dutch News, the Dutch capital city Council lamented the fact that citizens increasingly prefer to book prostitutes online.

“The city Council of Amsterdam suggested to move brothels from red light district to other areas to resume their normal operation. Previously local residents have visited prostitutes, and now I order them online because salons around the scurrying crowds of tourists, interfering with the girls to earn the money,” the article says.

The mayor of the city Femke Halsema supported this idea and proposed to transform the red light district into a residential district due to its rich history. The municipality in turn will issue licenses for prostitution in other places.