Toyota will bring to Los Angeles all-wheel-drive Prius

Toyota привезет в Лос-Анджелес полноприводный Prius

The Toyota Prius is a popular model in the U.S. market, so the Japanese automaker decided to bring its all-wheel drive version of the hybrid, whose premiere is to be held in the framework of the motor show Los Angeles in late November.

At the moment the information is not official, but Toyota has indirectly hinted at this model, releasing the respective teaser image and stating that the Prius 2019 “will be ready for sunlight and snow”.

The decision to withdraw the U.S. market with all-wheel drive Prius is not surprising also for the reason that this version is already used in Japan for many years. The normal version of the Prius E-Four different additional electric motor, which sends power the rear wheels for better traction.

On the other hand, all-wheel drive model Prius is not so economical as the basic front-wheel drive, and consumes approximately 2.9 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers, compared to 2.6 liters in the standard version.

Technical characteristics four-wheel drive models while also remain unknown. As for the basic RHI, it is equipped with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine system Atkinson 95 horsepower and 142 Nm of torque, and a motor 71 HP and 162 Nm. The combined capacity of the power plant is 121 HP

Toyota привезет в Лос-Анджелес полноприводный Prius

Toyota привезет в Лос-Анджелес полноприводный Prius