Trump has extended sanctions against Iran imposed nearly 40 years ago

Трамп продлил санкции против Ирана, введенные почти 40 лет назад

The head of the United States Donald trump has decided to extend the November 14th “state of emergency” in relations with Iran and the sanctions regime for the country for a year. This is stated in a letter to the American leader to Congress, released on the White house website.

Trump has sent to Congress a notification that extends for another year of action “state of emergency” in relations with Iran, announced over 30 years ago. This notice will be published in the so-called Federal register – the collection of official documents of the U.S. government.

The President justified his decision, in particular, the fact that “US relations with Iran have not yet normalized,” and “the implementation process (two-way – ed.), agreements of January 19, 1981, is still underway”. We are talking about the so-called Algerian accords between the United States and Iran, which were released by the us diplomats, who spent more than a year in Tehran as hostages after the Islamic revolution of 1979.

November 14, 1979, 39th U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed Executive order 12170 room in response to the seizure of American hostages in Tehran. The U.S. Treasury was instructed to block all official Iranian assets in the United States, including accounts at U.S. banks and their branches and offices abroad. 7 April 1980, Carter severed diplomatic relations with Iran.