Twisted elbows and spine is damaged – SBU crippled 60-year-old woman

Вывернутые локти и поврежденный позвоночник - СБУ искалечила 60-летнюю женщину

The Supreme Court of Ukraine was moved to December 18, the trial of 60-year-old Olga Klimenko, mother of Secretary of Boryspil city Committee of the Communist party, which was tortured in the security service.

About this in his blog said the lawyer of the victim suspect Valentin Rybin, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

According to the lawyer, after being tortured in the dungeons of the SBU women were numerous injuries, but is not receiving medical care.

“Olga Klimenko was arrested by the SBU on 6 February 2015 in Zaporizhia denounced as the mother of a Secretary of the Communist party of the city of Boryspil. During the investigation the woman was subjected to beatings and torture, in case you have the appropriate documents with the results of a medical examination, which was conducted a month after the torture. The injuries were so severe that remained the consequences of partial loss of vision, he developed hypertension, damaged facial muscles, broken knee, dislocated elbow, fractured radial bone of the right hand, a damaged spine. Skilled medical care and medicines Olga Klimenko gets, condition is very heavy,” said Rybin.

Informed by “Politnavigator” wrote that Ukrainian courts for torture of detainees by the security forces don’t matter.