Two days of employment at the IGA supermarket on Mellon Boulevard

The Mellon Boulevard IGA Supermarket will hold two days of hiring on Thursday and Saturday to meet and attract new employees. A large number of jobs are to be filled for the summer period which is just around the corner.

L are potential employees are expected Thursday, May 2, from 16 am to 20 pm and Saturday, May 4, from 10 am to 15 pm at the IGA store Mellon Boulevard in Arvida. Students are mostly targeted by these two intensive days of employment, but the owner Cathie St-Pierre has argued in an interview with The Daily that she was always open to receiving applications from older people to find the rare pearls.

The owner admitted that this was the first time she had held career days so large. She has a significant need for manpower, while many of her employees were students and at this time of the year, graduated and were hired in their field.

Cashiers, fruit and vegetable clerks, pastry chefs and fishmongers are available. “We open the doors of all the departments. Of course, we will offer training to new employees, such as stock management, and they will be knowledge they will keep all their lives every day, “she continued. She says she understands that by the end of the summer, students will have to balance work and education, but she added that the positions were very flexible.

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