Tyrannosaurs could do pirouettes

Тираннозавры могли совершать пируэты

Tyrannosaurs could be more agile than paleontologists thought. Computer modeling showed that the structure of the body and powerful muscles allowing them to perform real “pirouettes,” according to

In the study, scientists tried to accurately recreate the body of a dinosaur. They took into account the weight (according to current estimates, 8-9 tons), the center of gravity and rotational inertia.

It turned out that the huge predator was able to cool and to turn around almost instantly – much faster than other theropods of similar mass.

According to the researchers, a relatively short torso and long bone in upper thigh allowed the Tyrannosaurus to make real “rotation” like a modern skaters.

This ability allowed them to successfully hunt smaller and more agile prey that has eluded other dinosaurs.

Interestingly, previous studies have determined the running speed of Tyrannosaurus as not very high. According to scientists, it could accelerate up to a maximum of 11 kilometers per hour. The average running speed of a healthy person is between 13 and 15 miles per hour, that is, it is easy to hide from a predator.

Previously, paleontologists have determined that the respiratory system of dinosaurs was much more efficient than in modern mammals. They had to satiate their enormous body with oxygen in an era when the atmosphere was much bar top is the thinnest. Therefore, their lungs bathed in oxygen only during inspiration but also during expiration.