Ukraine – a country of destructive compromise

Украина - страна разрушающих компромиссов

In Ukraine love to find a compromise. And constantly offer to look for him, even with our enemies. And it’s one of the reasons the Ukrainian poverty.

Ukraine was born in recent history and immediately entered into a compromise. After gaining independence from the Soviet Union and the Communist party of Ukraine immediately entered into a compromise with the Communists, electing them in his guide. As a result, instead of reforms and radical changes, we got a corrupt governmentthat lays the country’s poverty.

It was the price of the first compromise, when the country came to a standstill in the splits, deciding to build the future without abandoning the past, which was contrary to a successful future. At this time in Poland and the Baltic States refused any compromise with the Communists and conducted a drastic reform. The result is obvious.

The poverty and chaos of the 90s gave rise to an influential caste of bandits, a compromise which gave rise to the privatization of the 90s and is made for years of security forces, the main problem for the economy. As a result, privatization did not become a factor for the inflow of foreign capitalturned into a simple redistribution of wealth and creating a caste of oligarchs.

Ukraine for years has closed their economies from the world. Then in the fight against the oligarchs Ukraine made a compromise with them. As a result, Ukraine began to rule the oligarchs. It was the most brilliant compromise.

Within the movement in Europe Ukraine signed a compromise with Russia, which ceased to move to Europe and did not join NATO. The price of this compromise is known.

Then Yushchenko signed a compromise with bandits and rigged the elections Yanukovych even signed some sort of Memorandum, which to power in Ukraine came the bandit Yanukovych. The price of this compromise are well known.

In parallel, Ukraine is constantly made compromises with Russia, which pay above market for the gas, not daring to go to Stockholm. The price of this compromise have become billions of dollars, the departed from Ukraine on the compromise contract of 2009 year.

Maidan was a protest not only against Jankovic, but against all these hateful compromises. Against compromise with corruption and his own conscience. It seemed that the time for compromises was gone and we finally have made their choice. But it seemed.

In recent years, we also remember compromises. The biggest attempt to find a compromise with the corrupt officials in the fight against corruption. In the end, the main problem of Ukraine is its main problem. We make a compromise with Kolomoisky as a result of which taxpayers paid for his financial fraud, and he remains at large, continuing to Finance political forces and channels, and Bank management is not in jail, and presenting new products.

Compromise with euroshare who forgave two years of tax evasion, thereby setting a new standard. Soon, perhaps, be a compromise with burstenmann, smugglers and lovers to cut wood. We are always looking for a compromise. Even with those who violate the law. Yes, and the laws themselves is often a compromise. Such compromises erode the institutions of the state and are among the most destructive.

And ahead still so many sentences. Then you offer a compromise with Russia for example. Compromise with the enemy on the terms of your enemy. Purely Ukrainian approach.

Maybe a ride. Historically, because we did. Each time, preferring not to solve the problem, and to treat her with morphine to enter into the compromise. Hiding from it. Not to notice her. Finding for himself the strength to take the right decision, which sometimes could be painful. But adults. Every time we make a compromise with corrupt officials, paying them to vote. And wonder then that the result of a compromise, the corrupt remain corrupt, and the result of their activity does not change.

You can justify the compromise of their own weakness. But the point is, our weakness is the result of compromise.