Ukraine should abandon the Crimea to the Donbass: review Immortal

Украина должна отказаться от Крыма в пользу Донбасса: комментарий Бессмертного

Former Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, politician and diplomat novel the Immortals has released some details regarding the proposals of the Kremlin towards Kiev to abandon the Crimea. According to him, nothing new and unexpected here, because during seemingly innocent conversations, the Russians are trying to catch some Ukrainian politicians on the hook.

Earlier, former defense Minister and former NSDC Secretary Yevhen Marchuk said that in the framework of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk, Kiev officially proposed to abandon the Crimea, and as an alternative proposed solution to the conflict in the Donbas.

Subsequently, these words were confirmed by the politician and diplomat Roman Bezsmertny, reports his press-service.

Such conversations did take place during the work of the Trilateral contact group. Especially when the participants went to relax, this topic was constantly. Usually the Russian side is supplemented with the words “You understand that the issue of Crimea will not be considered.” And it is constantly and compulsively repeated,

he said.

According to him, representatives of the Ukrainian side immediately rejected the offer.

“And this is the right position, because the territory no trades, especially in the current situation, especially the representatives of Ukraine,” – said the Immortal.

At the same time the politician noted that the Russian side “here is nothing new and unexpected there.”

“It is important that the Ukrainian side responds correctly. Because in the tactics especially the Soviet secret police in a completely innocent conversation, the person imposed some discussion, is recorded, then linked the information as a result the person is caught for a serious hook. You have to understand that from the Russian side, we are dealing with very well trained in sabotage, information and operational terms, peoplewho have passed and the present, and Soviet intelligence, KGB school. Therefore, there must be twice as careful with these conversations”, says former Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine.

As Immortal said that in any case it is not necessary to create separate negotiation platform as the Crimea and Donbass, since “when we say the word “Donbass”, have to say and “Crimea”.

“It was seen as mad this the representatives of Russia. Therefore, in no event it is impossible to separate these now, unfortunately, three things – the Donbas, the Crimea and Azov,” – said the diplomat.

At the same time, he says, should look for other formats of solving the problem, because “Minsk freezes as a negotiation platform”.