Ukraine will disappear popular product: now it is on every table

В Украине исчезнет популярный продукт: сейчас он есть на каждом столе

Ukrainians have warned that may soon disappear one of the most popular products in the country

The lives of Ukrainians and so savory – the reduction of subsidies, rising tariffs for the population, the rise in prices of food and clothing.

But, it turns out, that for “full of happiness” is not enough.

Ukraine’s largest sugar producer, reduced the profit by 80%. The net profit of the agricultural holding “Astarte” for the nine months 2018 amounted to 14.5 million euros, which is 80% below the figure for the same period in 2017.

In “Astarte,” noted that during this period sugar segment generated revenues of EUR 96.3 million (38% in the structure of consolidated revenue). Sales amounted to 273 thousand tons with a decline in prices by 26%. More than 40% of sales are export – 113 thousand tons.

Last year the company reduced net profit by 25.2% to 1,758 billion in revenue growth by 31.8% to 13,717 billion.

We have previously reported that sugar appeared in the list of the most harmful products for the liver.

Scientists named the most dangerous products to the liver. Among them was the sugar, and excessive amounts of fructose, these components are converted by the liver into fat.

In addition, to interfere with the proper working of the liver can herbal supplements – primarily used in the procedure-appointment. Any supplements should be consumed strictly after consulting with your doctor. The same rule applies to the vitamins, especially vitamin A.

Soda, according to scientists, has on the liver is not weaker than the alcohol. The combination of large doses of sugar, colors, flavors and other chemical components in these drinks can cause that over time, the lover of soda will develop steatosis – accumulation of fat in liver cells.

We also wrote that the rise in the price Ukraine has been displayed on so-called “healthy eating plate” citizens.

This was stated by the President of the Association of dietitians of Ukraine Oleg Shvets, transfers Hyser.

“On average, each will have 123 g of fruit per day, and the right will eat up to 300g of Vegetables and potatoes, the sum comes out to 493 g per day (280 + 213 grams), but is more useful if half of the potatoes to replace legumes – beans, peas. Potatoes are also necessary, it is a source of potassium. But the amount of bread is cut in half, as concisely that will also reduce the consumption of sugar, which every Ukrainian eats per day were almost four times more than the norm – 93 g at a recommended 25 g, max 50 g”, – he said.

В Украине исчезнет популярный продукт: сейчас он есть на каждом столе

В Украине исчезнет популярный продукт: сейчас он есть на каждом столе