Ukraine will not have time in the European Union – it will fall apart

Given the internal contradictions among the countries of the European Union, Ukraine may simply not be able to reach all the necessary standards until such time as the EU will fall apart.

This broadcast “Ukrlife.TV” said political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“Now all started to blackmail the European Union: “we now take and go”, although we can not say that someone is very eager to go, but in any case, when the “first go”, press want.

In any case, when we join the EU, I am afraid that we will be accepted unanimously by four votes – Poland and the three Baltic States,” – said the expert.

“Germany and France will not be never” – has not agreed with the guest host.

“It is easier to throw out other” – waved Dzhangirov.