Ukrainian border guards will shoot without warning

Украинские пограничники будут стрелять без предупреждения

Meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday was extremely prolific in the “effective” laws. Along with the official April fool’s tear of friendship with Russia, unprecedented Libertines svidomo waiting for the guards to shoot trespassers now possible without warning. Officially. Now heal.

In addition, the new permission to apply to the naval forces of the European powers – now they can without much ADO to shoot any ships that attacked them. The bill, incidentally, is very convenient to shoot those who are not going to invade. As the military situation in the situation, when to fight with you no one is going.

Initially, the situation revolves around a last-place President Nezalezhnoy trying to save his seat in the upcoming election bickering in Ukraine by military provocations in foreign territorial waters, the adoption of a number of meaningless and frankly harmful bills, promotion of nationalist sentiment.