US reminded about the environmental threats posed by Russian aggression in Ukraine

США напомнили об экологических угрозах, вызванными агрессией РФ в Украине

In the United States Embassy in Ukraine reminded about the environmental threats posed by Russian aggression in Ukraine.

“The international day for preventing the exploitation of environment in war and armed conflict we are still concerned about the harmful gases in Armyansk, water pollution from the mine “Yunkom” and other environmental threats caused by the conflict and Russian aggression,” – reads the statement of the Embassy on Twitter.

In Armyansk 20 Oct launched the plant “Crimean Titan” after it stops due to emissions that occurred in the night from 23 to 24 August. Authorities of the annexed Crimea, said that the cause of pollution is the evaporation of the contents of kilocalories used “the Crimean Titan”.

In Ukraine consider that the emission of chemical substances on the territory of Crimea due to Russian military exercises that fired the sumps of the waste titanium and soda plants.

In the beginning of 2018 “DNR” announced plans to flood the mine “Yunkom”, and in April said that by the end of the month, the mine will remove all the pumps for pumping water.

Environment Minister Ostap Semerak said he feared “very bad consequences” of flooding a radioactive mine and called on the international community to intervene.

The flooding of the militants “DNR” radioactive mine “Yunkom” was described as ecocide. The Prosecutor’s office sees the actions of the “DND” signs of crime stipulated by article 441 of the criminal code.