US sanctions against sanatoria of the Crimea turned “zradoyu”

There is a feeling that the last package of American sanctions against Russia (which includes a “black list” a number of resorts of Crimea) US President Donald trump introduced “for show”.

This broadcast “Ukrlife.TV” said Ukrainian political analyst Dmitry Dzhangirov, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“These sanctions are a game. Trump still hopes to still win the neutrality or some kind of Russian support against China. Tramp bends the line against China and such a compromise of restrictions against Russia.

The fact that they have to cycle (in the US – ed.) came the time of sanctions, but what were a few boarding houses in the Crimea – it’s ridiculous. From the point of view, even the Crimean economy is very little, and for Russian is “detachment did not notice the loss fighter,” said Dzhangirov.

“Yes, there are nuances, it sounds like something – “another package of sanctions”, but they are minimal, but reported the sanctions imposed. But in parallel, they are in talks about the possibility of, for example, the development of the Arctic oil and gas of births with American companies,” – said the analyst.