Vitamin C reduces the harmful effects of Smoking during pregnancy

Витамин С снижает вредное воздействие курения при беременности

Children of Smoking women who took during pregnancy a lot of vitamin C, are less prone to diseases of the lungs. This statement was made by the canadian medical Padma, Subbarao, reports .

Subbarao watched 300 smokers pregnant women, half of whom are daily used five times the dose of vitamin C. the Other participants of the experiment were given a placebo.

Three months after birth were able to establish that the lungs of babies of women from the first group was circulated for 7-9% more air than the lungs of other kids.

A stronger difference was shown in children of those mothers who were carriers of the mutation in the gene for the nAChR that determines the predisposition to Smoking. According to experts, the effect of consumption of vitamin is associated with its ability to bind with nicotine.

Previously, scientists from the Medical College of Kentucky came to the conclusion that children born to Smoking during pregnancy women have an increased risk of obesity.