Volkswagen and Mercedes at their own expense will replace the diesel engines on the older models

Volkswagen и Mercedes за свой счет заменят дизельные моторы на старых моделях

In Europe continue to get rid of old diesel cars, and one such step is the prohibition of the use of old motors on heavy fuel in several German cities including Cologne and Bonn.

Such drastic measures require manufacturers to make concessions to owners and Volkswagen together with the concern Daimler, which includes Mercedes-Benz, has agreed to pay for the replacement of old motors by newer already sold on their models, or to spend them upgrading to modern environmental requirements. We are talking about the amount of the fine of 3,000 euros for the car.

At the same time their opponent refuses to do the same, but the Bavarians agree to stimulate their customers for about the same amount to replace the car, including the trade-in program.

These solutions are intended to convince customers to buy newer and cleaner vehicles with lower emissions, not to depend on restrictions on driving in certain cities of Germany, which is becoming more.

For example, the corresponding ban on the use of old diesel vehicles in some parts of the city will enter into force in Cologne in April 2019. In the opinion of the environment Minister of Germany Ursula Heinen-Esser, this decision may lead to failure in the transport infrastructure of the city and will have a significant impact on residents and the entire Cologne.