Water collapse: in Vladivostok the cyclone flooded the streets and stopped the transport

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Alan Kaziev


Primorsky Krai has covered the cyclone. In Vladivostok flooded streets, the trams aren’t running, reports channel “MIR 24”.

The prognosis is not good. Bad weather will continue for another day. In the near future can go wet snow, and the wind increase to 30 meters per second. As noted by the municipality, there are no problems with electricity. Schools and kindergartens are working normally.

In addition to the floating pavilion, the townspeople lay out a lot of different videos with flooded roads. They show that the water level reaches the top of the wheels of cars. On the sidewalks rushing noisy streams.

In the Chukotka Autonomous district has canceled all flights due to strong winds and snow.