Weather in Ukraine: the country will be covered with wet snow

Погода в Украине: страну засыплет мокрым снегом

Weather forecast for Ukraine on 8 December will determine the atmospheric front which will bring rain and cold, writes about Politics.

But lowering the temperature does not affect the entire territory of Ukraine – the coldest is in the North of Ukraine, where the temperature will fall to -7-9 below zero. In other areas the night temperature will fluctuate within -4-5 below zero.

Warm and humid will be the 8th of December in the West of the country. Here, according to forecasts of Hydrometeorology, the night temperature will be -1 + 1, day + 2-4 heat. In the region is expected sleet and rain. Precipitation will be held in the Central and Northern regions.

Wind 8 December will be South, the speed of 5-10 m / s.

Hereinafter, a detailed forecast by regions of Ukraine

From 0 to -2 at night, + 3-5 a day?? will be on December 8 territory of the Western regions. In the region is expected overnight snow and rain, day??- rain.

In mountain areas, also in the next few days will be precipitation in the form of wet snow and rain. The night temperature of air in the Carpathians -3-5 frost, day 1 + 1 heat.

In Northern areas today weather forecasters promise a rain. Only in Sumy region will be cloudy, but no precipitation. -7-9 on the night, 0-2 a day.

In the East of Ukraine the 8th of December will be Sunny and without rain. The night air temperature will fall to -6-8 frost, in the afternoon??0-2.

In the Central regions precipitation is expected today – rain and sleet. -4-6, night 1 + 1 day.

In the South it’s Sunny and no precipitation. -2-4 night, 5-7 day.

Similar weather conditions will be on the Crimean Peninsula. Night temperature -2-4, day + 3-5.

Weather in Kyiv on December 8 is expected to not comfortable. In the capital today will be rain with sleet. Night -4-6 a day??-1 to + 1.

According to the Central geophysical Observatory of Ukraine, the warmest 8th of December in Kiev in 1960 – +12.2 heat colder just – in 1959 – 19.7 frost.

According to popular calendar today – day of Rome. It is called the cold climate because farmers were plagued by severe frosts and winds. There was a belief that Clement impossible in any case to start any business after Breakfast. All you need to do on an empty stomach.

Despite the bitter cold, people tried to be happy and cheerful, because they feared evil spirits – Treskunov. They’re dormant in summer, and in winter you Wake up to bitter cold and punishing those who complain about the cold.

Погода в Украине: страну засыплет мокрым снегом

Погода в Украине: страну засыплет мокрым снегом