“We’re So Damn Boring Now”: Eric Adams Talks Making NYC Cool Again, Gives Stephen Colbert Bag Of “Weed”

“We’re So Damn Boring Now”: Eric Adams Talks Making NYC Cool Again, Gives Stephen Colbert Bag Of “Weed”

Mayor-elect Eric Adams took a break from late night time celebrations to cease by The Late Present with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night time, the place he talked about… his love of late night time celebrations. “This is a city of nightlife. I must test the product,” Adams stated, noting he stopped by three hotspots on election night time. “We used to be the coolest place on the globe. We’re so damn boring now. We have to be among the people enjoying life. I want the cross-pollination of our energy and diversity of this city.”

Reminding everybody that he has an extremely bizarre relationship with sleep, he added with koan-like zen, “If you’re going to hang out with the boys at night, you have to get up with the men in the morning. I’m up at 5 a.m. every morning.”

Whereas some New Yorkers may take umbrage with Adams incorrectly declaring that NYC is boring now—solely boring folks get bored, Mr. Mayor-Elect—the NY Submit ate it up, gushing about his first-ever look on Colbert. Nonetheless, the interview was principally full of rehashed marketing campaign speaking factors, Desmond Tutu quotes, and guarantees to “redefine” the police division.

“I’m going to tell my police officers I have your back, so do your job, but darnit, if you don’t understand the nobility of public protection, you’re getting out of my department,” he stated. “You will not use that job to abuse people…we have to redefine policing and what it means in our country and our city. And I’m going to get it right. We’re not going to be heavy-handed. We’re going to show how we can have a partnership between police and community. I know we can get it right.”

Later, Colbert requested Adams the place he falls as a progressive on a scale of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Joe Manchin. Adams, as soon as once more, took credit score for being progressive earlier than the time period progressive was widespread, however he additionally claimed he could not be boiled right down to only one political ethos, as a result of man is really essentially the most mysterious of all creatures.

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“Long before people discovered this term called progressive, we were leading the way, and what progressive is all about,” Adams stated. “So I don’t want people to put me in a box. There are some things I’m conservative thinking about, moderate thinking about, ultra-left thinking about, that is who I am. I tell New Yorkers and Americans, don’t let people define you. I know who I am, I don’t need any title. I’m Eric Adams.”

On the finish of the section, Adams gave Colbert a present bag that contained a blanket, t-shirt, a mock bag of weed, and tickets for all the viewers to see Broadway musical Chicago.

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